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Type: Poster
Title: Biomarkers of immune activation contribute to patterns of neural injury in HIV-infected patients on stable ART: An in vivo proton MRS study.
Authors: Letendre S, Harezlak J, Taylor M, Schifitto G, Daar E, Campbell T, Rosario D, Gualtieri L, Yiannoutsos C, Navia B, for the HIV NeuroImaging Consortium
Date: 02-28-2011
Abstract:Summary and Conclusions In people taking ART, biomarkers reflecting immune activation were associated with cerebral metabolites in several brain regions The findings confirm several findings from an independent cohort (Letendre et al, Journal of Neurovirology, 2011), including the associations between MCP-1 and NAA/Cr and the presence of beneficial and detrimental relationships The associations with multiple biomarkers in both plasma and CSF suggests that HAND is multifactorial Findings support the hypothesis that the immune activation that can persist during effective ART can result in neuroinflammation and neuronal injury These analyses may also identify clinically useful biomarkers that could classify risk for HIV-associated brain injury The statistically significant associations with biomarkers in blood are particularly provocative in this regard, although they accounted for relatively little variance in cerebral metabolites.

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