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Type: Published Abstract
Title: Effects of methamphetamine abstinence on neuropsychological functioning.
Authors: Iudicello JE, Woods SP, Vigil O, Scott JC, Cherner M, Heaton RK, Atkinson JH, Grant I, and the HNRC Group
Year: 2008
Publication: The Clinical Neuropsychologist
Volume: 22 Issue: 4 Pages: 742
Abstract:This study investigated the effects of methamphetamine (MA) abstinence on neuropsychological functioning and affective distress in 83 MA-dependent individuals. Abstinent (n = 25) and User (n = 58) groups were classified based on MA-use during a year-long interval period and were matched for demographic, psychiatric and MA-use characteristics. Findings revealed disproportionate improvement in the Abstinent group in affective distress, verbal fluency, information processing speed, and global cognitive functioning. These findings provide support for partial recovery in cognitive functioning and affective distress following periods of abstinence and are consistent with research demonstrating neural recovery from MA damage in frontotemporal systems.

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