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Type: Poster
Title: Physical activity and heart rate variability in HIV infection and methamphetamine dependence.
Authors: Henry B, Minassian A, Perry W and the TMARC Group
Date: 03-10-2014
Abstract:HRV was decreased in HIV+ participants and associated with self-reported neuropathy symptoms, supporting previous findings that indicate impaired HRV may be related to HIV-mediated autonomic neuropathy Lower HRV was also associated with greater METH use, but no HIV-METH interaction occurred, suggesting additive HIV and METH effects that may involve different biological mechanisms Total PA did not differ across groups, but HIV+ subjects exhibited less walking and more sitting. Participants with higher PA demonstrated greater HRV, but this effect may be confounded by age. Across all groups, greater sedentary behavior was associated with lower HRV, even accounting for age effects on ANS function. Future interventions that focus on reducing or interrupting periods of sedentary behavior may improve ANS function and overall health in persons with HIV and METH dependence.

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