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Type: Poster
Title: Social cognitive deficits in HIV are associated with poorer real-world functioning.
Authors: Morgan E, Iudicello J, Cattie J, Blackstone K, Grant I, Woods SP, and the TMARC Group
Date: 03-10-2014
Abstract:Independent of HAND and MDD, social cognition is associated with a range of abilities important to real-world performance in HIV, reflecting the key role that social interaction plays in important daily activities. Cooperation with employers and colleagues at work (unemployment). Accessing health care information and doctor-patient. communication (health literacy) Maintaining relationships with others who can assist with daily activities (IADL complaints, Karnofsky Rating, PAOFI). Future studies should include assess broader range of types of social cognition (e.g., theory of mind). Interventions targeting social cognitive deficits may improve many aspects of daily functioning in individuals with HIV, and particularly those with HAND.

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