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Type: Poster
Title: HIV-seropositive individuals are at risk for misattributing the source of health-related information.
Authors: Morgan EE, Woods SP, Villalobos J, Doyle KL, Gilbert P, Iudicello J, Grant I, Cameron MV, and the HNRP Group
Date: 02-03-2016
Abstract:Individuals with HIV appear to be less accurate than their HIV- counterparts when remembering the source of health-related information, particularly if they are not specifically instructed to attend to that information The pattern of source memory failure in the HIV+ group suggests a tendency to erroneously attribute health-related information to medical professionals when the correct source was a lay-person In the real-world, this pattern may increase the likelihood of misattributing questionable or incorrect health-related information to a reliable and credible source, which subsequently increases the risk for making ill-informed decisions and suboptimal health outcomes This was a pilot study with small sample sizes, and therefore a larger examination of source memory for health-related information is warranted to attempt to replicate the current findings and examine this effect in relation to relevant daily activities such as medical decision-making.

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