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Type: Poster
Title: Greater loneliness is associated with riskier beliefs and intentions about practicing safer sex in methamphetamine dependent (MA+) individuals.
Authors: Hussain M, Morgan E, Iudicello J, Heaton R, Grant I, the TMARC Group
Date: 02-20-2019
Abstract:Consistent with previous literature, loneliness is prevalent among MA+ individuals, and at significantly greater rates than in MA- individuals. Loneliness also predicts riskier beliefs and intentions about practicing safer sex above and beyond the impact of other pertinent factors. Our findings suggest that sexual risk behaviors are influenced by perceived norms and intentions, in line with theory of reasoned actions, and also lends support to the negative reinforcement/pain avoidance theory of addiction. These findings may help identify those individuals who are at risk of engaging in HIV-related risk behaviors, particularly risky sexual behaviors, and guide substance use interventions to reduce this risk in MA-dependent individuals. Increased opportunities for social contact (e.g., social recreation intervention) one-on-one or group interventions based on mutual aid Enhanced social support (e.g., through mentoring programs, Buddycare program, conference calls) Social skills (e.g., speaking on the phone, giving and receiving compliments, enhancing nonverbal communication skills) Address maladaptive social cognition (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy).

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