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Type: Poster
Title: Methamphetamine dependence and low self-efficacy have an additive effect on impulsivity and disinhibition.
Authors: Hussain M, Morgan EE, Iudicello JE, Heaton RK, Grant I, and the TMARC Group
Date: 02-05-2020
Abstract:Methamphetamine dependence (MA+) has been associated with greater impulsivity and worse inhibitory control. In turn, this has implications for HIV transmission risk behaviors (e.g., riskier sexual behaviors) that are difficult to treat (Darke et al., 2008). MA+ is also associated with worse self-efficacy for drug abstinence, or confidence in one’s ability to abstain from future drug use (Lee & Rawson, 2008). However, general self-efficacy, or the belief in one’s capacity to have control over meaningful events in his/her life, is not been well-studied in MA+ individuals Furthermore, the potentially additive or interactive impact of general self-efficacy on impulsivity/disinhibition has not been well-studied in MA+ individuals.

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