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Type: Poster
Title: HIV RNA in cerebrospinal fluid off ART predicts more depressive symptoms on ART.
Authors: Okwuegbuna O, Anderson A, Iudicello J, Perez-Santiago J, Vaida F, Schrier R, McCutchan A, Ellis RJ, Letendre SL
Date: 03-09-2020
Abstract:HIV RNA in blood substantially differs between individuals without antiretroviral therapy (ART) due, in part, to differences in the immune response, such as endogenous interferons. Elite controllers suppress HIV RNA without ART but are at greater risk for vascular and central nervous system (CNS) complications than PWH on suppressive ART, possibly due to their robust immune response to HIV. HIV RNA in CSF also substantially differs between PWH without ART but relatively little is known about the effects of the antiviral immune response on CNS health trajectory.

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