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Type: Published Abstract
Title: Cognitive, psychiatric, and medical predictors of relapse in HIV+ methamphetamine abusers.
Authors: Rippeth J, Carey CL, Woods SP, Heaton RK, Grant I, and the HNRC Group
Year: 2004
Publication: Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society
Volume: 10 Issue: Suppl S1 Pages: 20
Abstract:Methamphetamine (METH) abuse and HIV-1 infection are independently asMria~ with ne~aychological (NP) deficitB, with ~t reaearch indicating d1e8eri Ik factors confer additive deleterious NP effects. Thi8 study e.umined p~dicton of relapse for HIV + METH abuaers. The sample~- listed of 34 HIV + participantB who met lifetime DSM - IV criteria for METH depend~ and abuse! depen~ criteria within 18 month. of the baseline evaluation. ParticipantB ~ported abstinence from METH a minimum of 21 days prior to evaluation. A comprehensive NP battery with demographicallY oo~ T-1COresw u .tJminiRte.-red; 65% of the &ample exhibiud global NP impainnent, with learning, delayed ~cal1, and motor domaioa exhibiting the higbeatimpainn ent rates. Relapee wu defined 88 meeting METH abuse!depen~ critaia any time d1UiD8 8 2-year follow- up period. The overall relapse rate W88 41 %. At baaeIine, reiap&era did not differ from nonrelapsera for demosrapbics, lifetime ME`m use, mY dj.eue characteristics, p~valence of global NP impainnent, or rates of affective or .~ use diaorden. Reiapaen did exhibit higher ratea ofbaseliDe motnr impainnent and Antisocial PenonaJity ~er (ASPD). In fact, 71 % of ~ displayed baseline motor imp airment (venua 30% in nome lapsen ), and 1 00 % we ~ diagnoaed wi th ASP D. Ra tea of NP impairment in this METI-I dependent sample were substantial; however, 8mOD8 NP domaina, only motor imp airment was significantly .~ated with relapse. These results also SUMeIt psychianic diaorden (i.e., ASPD) are &alient predictors of relapse. Clinicians should be cognizant that ASPD and motor impainnent, which is particularly senJitive to the neurotDxicity asaociate4 with mv and ME1H, are risk factoR for ~8e, and preventive interventiom should be targeted appropriately.

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