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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Apathy is associated with poorer abstinence self-efficacy in individuals with methamphetamine dependence.
Authors: Hussain MA, Iudicello JE, Morgan EE, Kamat R, Heaton RK, Grant I
Year: 2021
Publication: Addictive Behaviors Reports
Volume: 13 Issue: Pages: 100331
Abstract:Confidence in one's ability to achieve and maintain drug abstinence (i.e., abstinence self-efficacy) is a strong predictor of substance use treatment outcomes. Neurobehavioral factors that may interfere with abstinence self-efficacy are less well established, particularly in methamphetamine (METH). This study investigated whether apathy, which is highly prevalent during active METH use and periods of abstinence, influences abstinence self-efficacy among METH dependent individuals.

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