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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Telomere length is associated with HIV infection, methamphetamine use, inflammation, and comorbid disease risk.
Authors: Mehta SR, Iudicello JE, Lin J, Ellis RJ, Morgan E, Okwuegbuna O, Cookson D, Karris M, Saloner R, Heaton R, Grant I, Letendre S
Year: 2021
Publication: Drug And Alcohol Dependence
Volume: 221 Issue: Pages: 108639
Abstract:HIV infection and methamphetamine dependence (METH) are each associated with inflammation and premature aging, but their impact on biological aging is difficult to measure. Here we examined the impact of HIV and METH on leukocyte telomere lengths (LTL), and the correlations between LTL and other aging biomarkers.

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