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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Four-year trajectories of internal strengths and socioemotional support among middle-aged and older adults with HIV.
Authors: Ham L, Tang B, Kohli M, Jeste DV, Grant I, Moore DJ
Year: 2023
Publication: AIDS and Behavior
Volume: 27 Issue: 2 Pages: 628-640
Abstract:Positive psychological attributes are associated with better health outcomes, yet few studies have identified their underlying constructs and none have examined their temporal trajectories in clinical vs. non-clinical samples. From data collected over 4 years from people with HIV (PWH) and HIV-uninfected (HIV−) participants, we identified two latent factors (internal strengths; socioemotional support) based on responses to seven positive psychological attributes. Internal strengths increased over 4 years for PWH, but not for HIV− comparisons. Socioemotional support did not change significantly in either group. Lower internal strengths and worse socioemotional support were related to greater depressive symptoms. We speculate that improvement in internal strengths in PWH could reflect their being in care, but this requires further study to include PWH not in care. Given the apparent malleability of internal strengths and their association with improved health outcomes, these attributes can serve as promising intervention targets for PWH.

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