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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Plasma biomarkers of vascular dysfunction uniquely relate to a vascular-risk profile of neurocognitive deficits in virally-suppressed adults with HIV.
Authors: Saloner R, Sun-Suslow N, Morgan EE, Lobo J, Cherner M, Ellis RJ, Heaton RK, Grant I, Letendre SL, Iudicello JE
Year: 2022
Publication: Brain, Behavior, & Immunity - Health
Volume: 26 Issue: Pages: 100560
Abstract:Chronic inflammation and vascular dysfunction (e.g., chronic endothelial activation) are related yet dissociable mechanisms of HIV-associated neurocognitive impairment (NCI), even among those on antiretroviral therapy (ART). However, how these mechanisms differentially contribute to domain-specific deficits in people with and without HIV (PWH, PWoH) is unclear. We empirically-derived profiles of NCI and examined relationships with peripheral inflammatory and vascular biomarkers.

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