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Title: Recent cannabis use in HIV infection is associated with reduced IL-16 in CSF.
Authors: Ellis R, Li Y, Peterson S, Schrier R, South E, Iudicello J, Letendre S, Morgan EE, Cherner M, Grant I
Date: 04-10-2018
Abstract:Conclusions and Limitations CSF IL-16 lower with recent cannabis use, but not quantity or density of use Lower CSF IL-16 may reflect reduced microglial activation related to cannabinoids Cannabis - IL-16 association present in CSF but not blood compartmentalization of immune responses? Greater concentration of cannabinoids in CNS due to lipophilicity? CSF IL-16 levels higher in men than women - sex differences in neuroinflammation? Limitations Small pilot study; selection bias; omitted variable bias Can't distinguish cannabidiol vs. THC; no THC/CBD levels Smoking vs. vaping.

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