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Title: Neuropsychological consequences of HIV in India.
Authors: Marcotte TD, Letendre SL, Meyer R, Heaton R, Alexander T, Franklin D, Kamat RK, Grant I, Mehendale S, Ghate M
Year: 2011
Publication: International Neuropsychological Society 39th Annual Meeting, Boston, Mass
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Abstract:Background: HIV infection often results in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND). Most studies of HAND have been conducted in Western societies where clade B virus is most common. This study was designed to examine neuropsychological (NP) functioning in individuals infected with clade C virus, which has been hypothesized to be less neurovirulent than clade B. Methods: 186 HIV seropositive (HIV+) and 168 HIV seronegative (HIV-) participants in Pune, India completed a Marathi-translated NP test battery. The groups were similar with respect to age, education, and gender. Pending clade-typing, participants were presumed to be infected with clade C (present in approximately 90% of HIV+ individuals in India). No participants were receiving antiretroviral treatment. Overall NP functioning was estimated using the Global Deficit Score, a summary score that weights levels of impairment across the entire NP battery. Results: Cases with AIDS (n=94) had a median (IQR) CD4 cells/mm3 of 129.5 (8, 170); the non-AIDS group had a median of 448.5 (387, 521) cells/mm3. With respect to NP functioning, the AIDS group (GDS = .43 [.37]) performed significantly worse than the non-AIDS (.29 [.37]) and control groups (.22 [.25]); there was a non-significant trend for the non-AIDS group to have worse NP performance than the control group. Conclusions: In untreated HIV-infected individuals in India, advanced disease was associated with significantly worse neurocognitive functioning than controls. Individuals with early stage disease had only marginally worse NP performance, supporting the possibility that the NP presentation of clade C may differ from clade B

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