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Type: Poster
Title: Driving performance among individuals with asymptomatic HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders.
Authors: Braga D, Marcotte TD, Rosenthal T, Letendre S, Grant I, Heaton RK and the HNRP Group
Date: 02-06-2013
Abstract:Individuals with ANI demonstrate significantly worse driving abilities compared to cognitively normal HIV+ individuals, despite no selfreported evidence that they are having difficulties with everyday tasks This expands upon recent data indicating individuals with ANI are more likely to show indications of functional decline when assessed using objective performance-based tests, rather than self-report alone (Blackstone et al., 2011) An ANI diagnosis may thus portend possible difficulties in EDF, although the real-world, on-road driving implications are not clear at this time A diagnosis of ANI may warrant additional cognitive and EDF monitoring for possible future difficulties.

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