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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome presenting as Schizophrenia.
Authors: Cummings MA, Cummings KL, Rapaport MH, Atkinson JH, Grant I
Year: 1987
Publication: The Western Journal of Medicine
Volume: 146 Issue: Pages: 615-8
Abstract:"SEVERAL INVESTIGATORS have reported affective and psychotic symptoms with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Nurnberg and co-workers reported the case of a 28-year-old man with AIDS who presented with command hallucinations, persecutory delusions, anorexia, a 13.6-kg weight loss (30 lb), anhedonia, abulia, middle insomnia, psychomotor retardation and impaired recent memory. Hoffman reviewed two AIDS cases that had in common a psychiatric presentation and diffuse cerebral atrophy indicated by computed tomography. One case was characterized as progressive dementia and the other as transient acute encephalopathy. Kermani and associates identified a triad of mood disturbance, thought disorder with grandiose delusions and severe memory deficits in a series of three patients with AIDS. Subsequently, Kermani and colleagues described the case of an AIDS patient who presented with manic features before development of cognitive and memory impairment,4 while Thomas and co-workers reported seeing a 22-year-old patient with AIDS who had a paranoid psychosis but normal cognitive and memory functions.

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