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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Challenges in the neuropsychological assessment of ethnic minorities: summit proceedings.
Authors: Romero HR, Lageman SK, Kamath VV, Irani F, Sim A, Suarez P, Manly JJ, Attix DK
Year: 2009
Publication: The Clinical Neuropsychologist
Volume: 23 Issue: 5 Pages: 761-79
Abstract:INTRODUCTION: These proceedings document the Multicultural Problem Solving Summit, which was held in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii in February 2008. Welcoming comments were followed by a brief review of the history of the development of the Summit, selection of participants, structure, rules of conduct, and broad goals. The idea for a Multicultural Problem Solving Summit, also now known as the 2008 Diversity Summit, was initially generated in the setting of the spring 2007 Consolidated Meetings of the American Psychological Association, which Drs. Deborah Attix and Jennifer Manly attended. Initially developed but unfunded as an APA interdivisional grant, the Summit easily garnered interest and support from other groups. Specifically, interest in the initiative rapidly followed distribution of the proposal to neuropsychological organizations and the Summit emerged as an event with inter-organizational support and participation. It should be noted that it was neither feasible nor necessary to canvass and appeal for support from every possible group having a vested interest in the Summit. The selection of participants paralleled the evolution of the Summit. Initially, clinical neuropsychologists were selected to reflect or represent the APA Divisions of Clinical Neuropsychology and Ethnic Minority Affairs (APA 40 and 45) and the directorates of APA (Science, Education, Practice, and Public Awareness). As funding for the Summit became inter-organizational, participants were added or reassigned to reflect that support.

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