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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: APOE ε4 and MBL-2 O/O genotypes are associated with neurocognitive impairment in HIV-infected plasma donors from Anhui Province, China.
Authors: Spector SA, Singh KK, Gupta S, Cysique LA, Jin H, Letendre S, Schrier R, Wu Z, Hong KX, Yu X, Shi C, Heaton RK, and the HNRC Group
Year: 2010
Publication: AIDS (London, England)
Volume: 24 Issue: 10 Pages: 1471-79
Abstract:BACKGROUND: Host genetic factors are important determinants for risk of HIV-1 infection and disease progression. This study examined associations of host genetic variants and neurocognitive impairment in Chinese individuals infected through contaminated blood products. METHODS: Two hundred and one HIV-infected patients from Anhui, China, had neuropsychological tests at baseline and 12 months. DNA was genotyped for APOE epsilon 2, 3 allele and APOE epsilon 4 allele; MBL2-A/O; CCR5-wt/Delta32; CCR5-59029-G/A; CCR2-180-G/A; SDF-1-G/A; IL4-589-C/T; MCP-1-2518-A/G; CX3CR1-745-G/A; -849-C/T polymorphisms and CCL3L1 copy number variants using real-time PCR. Univariate and multivariate analyses were performed. RESULTS: The cohort included 61% men, with mean education 5.5 years, AIDS diagnosis 113 (55%), on antiretrovirals 114 (56%), mean baseline CD4 cell count 349 cells/mul and mean log10 RNA 4.09. At baseline, 37% had global neuropsychological impairment increasing to 44% after 12 months. Of 43 patients with the APOE epsilon4 allele, 58% were cognitively impaired compared with 31% without the APOE epsilon4 allele (P = 0.001, odds ratio 3.09, 95% confidence interval 1.54-6.18). The mean global deficit score (GDS) for APOE epsilon4 allele-positive participants on antiretrovirals for 12 months was 0.88 (0.55) compared with 0.63 (0.54) for APOE epsilon4 allele;4-negative participants (P = 0.053, 95% confidence interval -0.004 to 0.51). For MBL2, 52% of patients with the O/O genotype declined in cognitive function over 12 months compared with 23% with A/A (odds ratio 3.62, 95% confidence interval 1.46-9.03, P = 0.004). No associations were observed for the other genetic variants. CONCLUSION: The APOE epsilon4 allele was associated with increased risk for cognitive deficits, whereas the MBL2 O/O genotype was associated with increased risk for progressive cognitive decline in Chinese individuals infected with HIV through contaminated blood products.

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