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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Neuropsychological and NMR abnormalities in HIV infection.
Authors: Grant, I, Caun, K., Kingsley, D.P.E., Winter, J., Trimble, M.R., and Pinching, A.J
Year: 1992
Publication: The St. Mary's-Queen Square study. Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, and Behavioral Neurology
Volume: 5 Issue: Pages: 185-193
Abstract:Using neuropsychological (NP) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques, we examined 29 homosexual, non-drug-dependent men positive for human immunodeficiency virus antibody (HIV+), and 10 antibody-negative (HIV-) homosexual men. In the HIV+ group, 9 of the 13 in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) class IV were NP abnormal, compared with 4 of 9 from CDC III, 2 of 7 from CDC II and 1 of 10 of the HIV- controls. Parenchymal abnormalities on NMR were noted in 7 of 12 CDC IV patients, 3 of 6 CDC III, 3 of 4 CDC II, and 1 of 8 HIV-, and peripheral neuropathy was noted in 5 of 12 CDC IV and 1 of 7 CDC II, but non of the other groups. Magnetic resonance imaging findings of parenchymal abnormality were related to past mild head injury and other neurological "risks," whilst neuropathy was related to heavier daily alcohol consumption in the past year. The data suggest that neurobehavioral disturbance increases with advance of HIV disease and that background neuromedical events and heavier drinking may influence emergence of such neurobehavioral disturbance in the context of HIV infection.

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