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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Comparison of methods to detect HIV dual infection.
Authors: Pacold M, Smith D, Little S, Cheng PM, Jordan P, Ignacio C, Richman D, Pond SK
Year: 2010
Publication: AIDS Research And Human Retroviruses
Volume: Issue: Pages:
Abstract:Abstract Current methods to detect intraclade HIV dual infection are poorly suited for determining its prevalence in large cohorts. To investigate the potential of ultra-deep sequencing to screen for dual infection, we compared it to bulk sequence-based synonymous mixture index and the current standard of single genome sequencing. The synonymous mixture index identified samples likely to harbor dual infection, while ultra-deep sequencing identified additional cases of dual infection not identified by single genome sequencing in our study set. At approximately 40% of the cost and 20% of laboratory and analysis time, ultra-deep sequencing captured more intra-host viral diversity than single genome sequencing. The synonymous mixture index and ultra-deep sequencing are promising methods for rapid and cost-effective systematic identification of HIV dual infection.

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