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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Effects of recalled childhood gender nonconformity on adult genitoerotic role and AIDS exposure.
Authors: Weinrich JD, Grant I, Jacobson DL, Robinson SR, McCutchan JA
Collective: HNRC Group
Year: 1992
Publication: Archives of Sexual Behavior
Volume: 21 Issue: 6 Pages: 559-85
Abstract:The connections between childhood gender nonconformity (assessed by the Freund Feminine Gender Identity Scale, or FGI) and adult genitoerotic role (assessed by a sex history) were examined. The core sample was a group of 106 men who had sex with other men before 1980 and who are currently enrolled in two longitudinal studies of AIDS. Although other workers have cautioned against assuming a priori that childhood gender role is inherently related to adult preferences for particular sexual acts, our data suggest that there is at least a statistical association between these two concepts. In particular, the FGI (and many of its factors and items) are significantly associated with preferences for receptive anal intercourse and, less clearly, with oral-anal contact--but not with oral-genital intercourse or insertive and intercourse. Suggestions for AIDS prevention and safe-sex awareness are made on the basis of these findings. The data also suggest that in sex research involving homosexual men, the correct genitoerotic role distinction is not insertive vs. receptive behaviors, or even insertive vs. receptive and intercourse, but receptive anal intercourse vs. all other behaviors.

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