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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Depressed mood does not explain neuropsychological deficits in HIV-infected persons.
Authors: Grant I, Olshen RA, Atkinson JH, Heaton RK, Nelson J, McCutchan JA, Weinrich JD
Year: 1993
Publication: Neuropsychology
Volume: 7 Issue: Pages: 53-61
Abstract:The relationship of depressed mood to cognitive disturbance in HIV infection was examined in a sample of 139 homosexual men. Ss were grouped according to the classification of the Centers for Disease Control: 39 were in Group IV, 62 were in Group II or Group III, and 38 were HIV-negative. Ss completed the Profile of Mood States and 10 neuropsychological tests. Analysis employing a classification approach indicated that, although symptoms of depression and neuropsychological impairment were more common in Ss who were HIV-positive, particularly those classified as Group IV, there were no systematic relationships between depression and neuropsychological impairment. Depressed mood and cognitive disturbance each seem to have unique associations to HIV illness status.

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