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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: The neuropsychiatry of Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
Authors: Grant I
Year: 1990
Publication: Seminars in Neurology
Volume: 3 Issue: Pages: 267-275
Abstract:With the advent of HIV infection, a new causal group of neurobehavioral disorders has emerged. These are the neurogenic and psychogenic neurobehavioral disturbances associated with HIV. Neurogenic disorders are those caused by the direct effects of HIV on the CNS, or by other infectious agents, neoplasms, vascular events, or side effects of biologic treatments in HIV-infected persons. Psychogenic disorders include anxiety, depression, adjustment reactions, and other behavioral disturbances related to knowledge of HIV seropositivity and recognition of being afflicted with a serious illness. In many instances, the psychogenic disorders appear to represent recrudescences of preexisting psychopathology. The comprehensive management of the patient with HIV infection requires early recognition and proper treatment of such complications.

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