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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: A history of alcohol dependence augments HIV-associated neurocognitive deficits in persons aged 60 and older.
Authors: Gongvatana A, Morgan EE, Iudicello JE, Letendre SL, Grant I, Woods SP
Year: 2014
Publication: Journal of Neurovirology
Volume: 20 Issue: 5 Pages: 505-513
Abstract:Excessive alcohol use is common among people living with HIV. Given the growing prevalence of older HIV+ adults and observations indicating higher risk for neurocognitive impairment in older adults with either HIV infection or alcoholism, an increased understanding of their combined impact in the context of this increasingly aged population is crucial. We conducted comprehensive neurocognitive assessment in 112 older HIV+ individuals aged 50 to 69 years. Regression analyses were conducted to examine the interaction between age and the presence of lifetime alcohol dependence on neurocognitive measures, controlling for years of education, hepatitis C serostatus, and lifetime non-alcohol substance use disorder. Significant interactions of age and alcohol dependence history were found for global neurocognitive function, which was driven by the domains of executive function, processing speed, and semantic memory. Follow-up analyses indicated adverse effects of alcohol use history on neurocognitive measures that were evident only in HIV+ individuals 60 years and older. While mounting evidence in younger cohorts indicates adverse synergistic HIV/alcohol effects on neurocognitive function, our novel preliminary findings in this elderly HIV+ cohort demonstrated the importance of even a relatively distant alcohol use history on the expression of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders that may not become apparent until much later in life.

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