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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Continued slow decay of the residual plasma viremia level in HIV-1-infected adults receiving long-term antiretroviral therapy.
Authors: Riddler SA, Aga E, Bosch RJ, Bastow B, Bedison M, Vagratian D, Vaida F, Eron JJ, Gandhi RT, Mellors JW, Mirand A, Klebert M, Fry C, Dragavon J, Koletar S, Hite M, Meixner L, Seefried E, Bagur JLS, Perez S, Funk C, et al
Year: 2015
Publication: The Journal of Infectious Diseases
Volume: 213 Issue: 4 Pages: 556-560
Abstract:We measured plasma human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) RNA levels by means of single-copy assay in 334 participants receiving virologically suppressive antiretroviral therapy (ART). A residual viremia load of ≥1 copy/mL after 4 years of ART was predicted by a higher pre-ART HIV-1 RNA level, higher CD8+ T-cell count during treatment, and a lower ratio of CD4+ T cells to CD8+ T cells during treatment but not by initial ART regimen. In a longitudinal subset of 64 individuals, continued decay of the plasma HIV-1 RNA level was observed, with an average annual decrease of 6% and an estimated half-life of 11.5 years. In contrast to prior reports, the persistent viremia level continues to slowly decline during years 4-12 of suppressive ART.

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