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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Predictors of psychotropic medication adherence among HIV+ individuals living with Bipolar Disorder.
Authors: Casaletto KB, Kwan S, Montoya JL, Obermeit LC, Gouaux B, Poquette A, Heaton RK, Atkinson JH, Moore DJ
Year: 2015
Publication: International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine
Volume: 51 Issue: 1 Pages: 69-83
Abstract:HIV infection and bipolar disorder are highly comorbid and associated with frontostriatal disruption, emotional dysregulation, and neurocognitive impairment. Psychiatric and cognitive factors have been linked to antiretroviral nonadherence; however, predictors of psychotropic adherence among HIV+ individuals with psychiatric comorbidities have not been explored. We evaluated predictors of psychotropic adherence among individuals with HIV infection and bipolar disorder.

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