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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Visualisation of future task performance improves naturalistic prospective memory for some younger adults living with HIV disease.
Authors: Faytell MP, Doyle KL, Naar-King S, Outlaw AY, Nichols SL, Casaletto KB, Woods SP
Year: 2017
Publication: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Volume: 27 Issue: 8 Pages: 1142-1155
Abstract:Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease is commonly associated with deficits in prospective memory (PM), which increase the risk of suboptimal health behaviours, like medication non-adherence. This study examined the potential benefits of a brief future visualisation exercise during the encoding stage of a naturalistic PM task in 60 young adults (aged 19-24 years) with HIV disease. Participants were administered a brief clinical neuropsychological assessment, which included a standardised performance-based measure of time- and event-based PM. All participants were also given a naturalistic PM task in which they were asked to complete a mock medication management task when the examiner showed them the Grooved Pegboard Test during their neuropsychological evaluation. Participants were randomised into: (1) a visualisation condition in which they spent 30 sec imagining successfully completing the naturalistic PM task; or (2) a control condition in which they repeated the task instructions. Logistic regression analyses revealed significant interactions between clinical neurocognitive functions and visualisation. HIV positive (HIV+) participants with intact retrospective learning and/or low time-based PM demonstrated observable gains from the visualisation technique, while HIV+ participants with impaired learning and/or intact time-based PM did not evidence gains. Findings indicate that individual differences in neurocognitive ability moderate the response to visualisation in HIV+ young adults. The extent to which such cognitive supports improve health-related PM outcomes (e.g., medication adherence) remains to be determined.

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