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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Partner services in adults with acute and early HIV infection, San Diego, 1996-2014.
Authors: Green N, Hoenigl M, Chaillon A, Anderson CM, Pond SLK, Smith DM, Little SJ
Year: 2017
Publication: AIDS (London, England)
Volume: 31 Issue: 2 Pages: 287-293
Abstract:BACKGROUND: To examine the yield of HIV partner services provided to persons newly diagnosed with acute and early HIV infection (AEH) in San Diego, United States. DESIGN: Observational cohort study. METHODS: The study investigated the yield (i.e. number of new HIV and AEH diagnoses, genetically linked partnerships, and high risk uninfected partners) of partner services (confidential contact tracing) for individuals with AEH enrolled in the San Diego Primary Infection Resource Consortium 1996 - 2014. RESULTS: A total of 107 of 574 persons with AEH (19%; i.e. index cases) provided sufficient information to recruit 119 sex partners. Fifty seven percent of the 119 recruited partners were HIV infected, and 33% of the 119 were newly HIV diagnosed. Among those newly HIV diagnosed, 36% were diagnosed during AEH. There were no significant demographic or behavioral risk differences between HIV infected and uninfected recruited partners. Genetic sequences were available for both index cases and partners in 62 partnerships, of which 61% were genetically linked. Partnerships in which both index case and partner enrolled within 30 days were more likely to yield a new HIV diagnosis (p = 0.01) and to be genetically linked (p < 0.01). CONCLUSION: PS for persons with AEH within 30 days of diagnosis represents an effective tool to find HIV unaware persons, including those with AEH who are at greatest risk of HIV transmission.

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