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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Using health technology to capture digital phenotyping data in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders.
Authors: Kohli M, Moore DJ, Moore RC
Year: 2021
Publication: AIDS
Volume: 35 Issue: 1 Pages: 15-22
Abstract:The ubiquity of smartphones is transforming health services and management of patient care to increase patient symptom tracking, accessibility to resources, and personalization of care. Indeed, 81% of Americans own a smartphone, and ownership among ethnic minorities, who are disproportionally affected by HIV, is equally high. Medical and public health practices supported by mobile devices allow medical professionals and caregivers to improve communication and patient symptom tracking as well as focus on individually tailored treatments and preventive care. Mobile health technologies have proven efficacious in reducing disease burden among persons living with HIV (PWH), including strategies to improve medication adherence, increase retention in care, and facilitate social support systems. Furthermore, several studies focusing on optimizing HIV care among populations with co-occurring HIV and substance use disorder have found promising success using mobile health technologies to promote adherence to antiretroviral (ART) medications.

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