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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Use of digital health technologies to examine subjective and objective sleep with next-day cognition and daily indicators of health in persons with and without HIV.
Authors: Sun-Suslow N, Campbell LM, Tang B, Fisher AC, Lee E, Paolillo EW, Heaton A, Moore RC
Year: 2022
Publication: Journal of Behavioral Medicine
Volume: 45 Issue: 1 Pages: 62-75
Abstract:Most previous studies investigating sleep's association with health outcomes have relied on averaged sleep quality and laboratory-based health measures. This study examines the dynamic within-person relationships between subjective (Ecological Momentary Assessment) and objective sleep (actigraphy) on next-day cognition (subjective and objective), mood, and engagement in daily activities using linear mixed-effects regression modeling. Participants included 94 individuals (59 people with HIV, 35 HIV-) aged 50-74, assessed daily for 14 consecutive days/nights. Subjective and objective sleep were well correlated and were both associated with subjective ratings of cognition, but not objective cognition. Worse subjective sleep was associated with next-day lower happiness and higher depressed mood, and more pain, but was not related to next-day daily activities. Objective sleep was associated with next-day depressed mood and feelings of worry, and was positively associated with next-day television watching. Results provide evidence to support the utility of real-time assessment for sleep and functional outcomes that may lead to potential personalized interventions for individuals with and without HIV.

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