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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: NIH Toolbox Emotion Battery findings among people with HIV: Normative comparisons and clinical associations.
Authors: Brody LA, Kamalyan L, Karcher K, Guarena LA, Bender AA, McKenna BS, Umlauf A, Franklin D, Marquine MJ, Heaton RK
Year: 2023
Publication: Patient Related Outcome Measures
Volume: 14 Issue: Pages: 15-30
Abstract:Depression and other aspects of emotional health in people with HIV (PWH) can affect functional independence, disease progression, and overall life quality. This study used the NIH Toolbox Emotion Battery (NIHTB-EB), which assesses many features of emotional health, to more comprehensively investigate differences among adults living with and without HIV, and to identify factors associated with emotional health for PWH.

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