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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: CD3+ CD56+ and CD3-CD56+ lymphocytes in the cerebrospinal fluid of persons with HIV-1 subtypes B and C.
Authors: de Almeida SM, Beltrame MP, Tang B, Rotta I, Justus JLP, Schluga Y, da Rocha MT, Martins E, Liao A, Abramson I, Vaida F, Schrier R, Ellis RJ
Year: 2023
Publication: Journal of Neuroimmunology
Volume: 377 Issue: Pages: 578067
Abstract:The transactivator of transcription (Tat) is a HIV regulatory protein which promotes viral replication and chemotaxis. HIV-1 shows extensive genetic diversity, HIV-1 subtype C being the most dominant subtype in the world. Our hypothesis is the frequency of CSF CD3+CD56+ and CD3-CD56dim is reduced in HIV-1C compared to HIV-1B due to the Tat C30S31 substitution in HIV-1C. 34 CSF and paired blood samples (PWH, n = 20; PWoH, n = 14) were studied. In PWH, the percentage of CD3+CD56+ was higher in CSF than in blood (p < 0.001), comparable in both compartments in PWoH (p = 0.20). The proportion of CD3-CD56dim in CSF in PWH was higher than PWoH (p = 0.008). There was no subtype differences. These results showed CNS compartmentalization of NKT cell response in PWH.

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