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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Symptomatic HIV seroconverting illness is associated with more rapid neurologic impairment.
Authors: Wallace MR, Nelson JA, McCutchan JA, Wolfson T, Grant I, and the HNRC Group
Year: 2001
Publication: Sexually Transmitted Infections
Volume: 77 Issue: Pages: 199-201
Abstract:Objectives: To establish whether symptomatic seroconverting illness in HIV infected people is associated with more rapid development of neurological impairment. Methods: 166 HIV infected subjects with a known date of HIV infection enrolled in a longitudinal study of neurocognitive function were stratified by whether or not they had experienced a symptomatic serconverting illness. Results: 29 of 166 (17.5%) dated HIV seroconverters had a history of symptomatic seroconverting illness. Though baseline neurocognitive function was similar, subjects with a symptomatic seroconverting illness developed clinical neurocognitive impairment significantly more rapidly than their asymptomatic counterparts in a survival analysis model (636 v 1075 days till impaired). Conclusion: Symptomatic seroconverting illness predisposes to more rapid neurocognitive impairment.

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