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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Introduction to the special series on acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
Authors: Heaton RK
Year: 1990
Publication: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
Volume: 52 Issue: Pages: 4-Mar
Abstract:In the relatively few years since the first acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) case was reported in 1981, the epidemic has evolved rapidly and has had a profound and widespread impact on our society. Its effects are especially tragic, because AIDS is primarily a disease of the young (i.e., young adults and children born to infected mothers). A remarkable amount of information is now available about the responsible virus (the human immunodeficiency virus-Type 1, or HIV-1), yet there still is no cure in sight, nor any effective means of retarding disease progression more than temporarily. As a consequence, in the absence of a major breakthrough in research on medical interventions, most (if not all) infected individuals eventually will face a course of increasing disability and a fatal outcome.

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