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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: HIV locus of control and adaptation to seropositivity.
Authors: Jenkins RD, Patterson TL
Contact: Jenkins RA, USAMC, AFRIMS, APO, AP 96546 USA
Year: 1998
Publication: Journal of Applied Social Psychology
Volume: 28 Issue: 2 Pages: 95-108
Abstract:The role of HIV locus of control in adaptation to HIV disease was evaluated in a sample of 588 military medical beneficiaries with predominantly asymptomatic, early stage HIV infection. Cluster analysis yielded 4 configurations of HIV locus of control, with high levels of depression related to a cluster where internal and powerful others control were highly endorsed. External attributions of control generally appeared more adaptive. Results are discussed in relation to Rotter's social learning theory and its implications for adaptive aspects of locus of control.
Keywords: Multidimensional Health Locus, Control Beliefs, Psychological Adjustment, Perceived Control, Breast-Cancer, Attributions, Validation, Infection, Scale, Men

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