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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Patterns of neurodegeneration in HIV encephalitis.
Authors: Masliah E, Ge N, Achim CL, DeTeresa R, Wiley CA
Year: 1995
Publication: Journal of Neuro-AIDS
Volume: 1 Issue: Pages: 161-73
Abstract:"Introduction: During the progression of AIDS, lymphotropic strains of HIV-1 infect T cells leading to immunosuppression, while macrophage-tropic strains infect phagocytes leading to pulmonary and neurologic damage (O'Brien 1994). In the absence of productive viral infection of neuroglial cells, it is likely that neurodegeneration in human immunodeficiency virus encephalitis (HIVE) is related o an indirect mechanism mediated y the virus infected glial and/or monocytic/microglial cells (Bell et al. 1993; Merrill et al. 1991; Stanley et al. 1994; Wiley et al. 1986). In this context, Dr. Price has proposed a four cell model to trace the pathogenesis of the AIDS Dementia Complex (ADC) where there is an initiator cell, a modulator cell, and amplifier ell and a target (Price 1994).

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