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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: The context of sexual risk behavior among heterosexual methamphetamine users.
Authors: Semple SJ, Patterson TL, Grant I
Contact: Department of Psychiatry (0680), University of California-San Diego, Clinical Sciences Building, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0680, USA.
Year: 2004
Publication: Addictive Behaviors
Volume: 29 Issue: 4 Pages: 807-10
Abstract:Relatively little is known about the relationship between methamphetamine (meth) use and sexual risk behavior among heterosexual adults. This descriptive study explores the context of sexual risk behavior among HIV-negative, heterosexual meth-using men and women. Drug use history, motivations for meth use, relationship types, and the social-sexual context of meth use were examined as factors that relate to sexual risk behavior and meth use. The majority of participants were white males with an average age of 38.6 years. Primary motivations for current meth use were to get high, to get more energy, and to party. Participants used meth an average of 14 days per month and consumed an average of 7.9 g during this period. The average number of unprotected vaginal, anal, and oral sex acts over a 2-month period were 21.5, 6.3, and 41.7, respectively. Participants reported an average of 9.4 sex partners over 2 months. The findings are discussed in relation to HIV prevention messages and the development of sexual risk reduction interventions for HIV-negative, heterosexual meth users.
Funding: NIMH:MH 1R01 MH 61146-01A2, NIMH:MH 2P50 MH 45294, NIDA:DA R01 DA 12116
Keywords: Adult, Amphetamine-Related Disorders, Condoms, Female, HIV Seronegativity, Heterosexuality, Humans, Male, Research Support, U.S. Gov''t, Non-P.H.S., Research Support, U.S. Gov''t, P.H.S., Risk-Taking, Sexual Behavior, Sexual Partners

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