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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Test-retest reliability of component process variables within the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised.
Authors: Woods SP, Scott JC, Conover E, Marcotte TD, Heaton RK, Grant I, and the HNRC Group
Year: 2005
Publication: Assessment
Volume: 12 Issue: 1 Pages: 96-100
Abstract:Emerging data support the construct validity of component process variables of learning and memory within the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised (HVLT-R; Brandt & Benedict, 2001); however, the test-retest reliabilities of such measures are heretofore largely unknown. This study reveals generally modest-to-low 1-year test-retest stability for several key HVLT-R component process variables (e.g., semantic clustering) in 41 healthy, younger adults. These findings are discussed in relation to issues of clinical practice and research design in neuropsychological assessment.

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