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Type: Published Manuscript
Title: Female methamphetamine users: social characteristics and sexual risk behavior.
Authors: Semple SJ, Grant I, Patterson TL
Contact: University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093-0680, USA.
Year: 2004
Publication: Women & Health
Volume: 40 Issue: 3 Pages: 35-50
Abstract:The primary objective of this research was to expand our knowledge regarding the personal and social characteristics of female methamphetamine (meth) users, their motivations for using meth, patterns of meth use, medical and social problems associated with meth use, and the relationship between meth use and sexual risk behaviors. The sample consisted of 98 HIV-negative, heterosexually-identified, meth-using females residing in San Diego, California. Female meth users were characterized by personal and social disadvantage, high rates of psychiatric symptomatology, and high levels of sexual risk behavior, including multiple partners, risky partner types (e.g., anonymous sex partners), and high rates of unprotected vaginal and oral sex. Meth use was also associated with the subjective positive experience of sex. These finding suggest that behavioral interventions should be tailored to the social characteristics of female meth users, and program content should reflect the intertwining of women's sexual experience and meth use.
Funding: NIMH:MH 1 R01 MH61146-01A2, NIMH:MH 2 P50 MH45294, NIDA:DA R01 DA12116
Keywords: Adult, Amphetamine-Related Disorders, Attitude to Health, California, Female, Humans, Methamphetamine, Middle Aged, Questionnaires, Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural, Research Support, U.S. Gov''t, Non-P.H.S., Research Support, U.S. Gov''t, P.H.S., Risk-Taking, Sexual Behavior, Social Environment, Socioeconomic Factors, Women''s Health

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